Parents / Carers:
Please contact the care-4 helpline on 0344 800 1444 or email, providing your name and, where applicable, your care-4 account number.

If you are a parent, wishing to join the scheme for the first time, we are sorry but care-4 is now closed to new joiners in line with the Government’s roll out of Tax Free Childcare.

If you are an existing company scheme administrator, please log in to access the client admin site to support you on all aspects of the scheme.

Thinking of switching to care-4?
If you are an employer that offers childcare vouchers to your employees already and you are looking for a new provider, or you are a participant of childcare vouchers with another provider and would like your employer to have more information about the scheme, please complete the form below.

We have been made aware that when parents apply for 30 hours free childcare on, some are misunderstanding the application process and as a result, cancelling their participation in care-4 in error. 

Please note that if you are eligible to receive the additional 30 hours free childcare for your child, but you would still like to participate in care-4 and save funds on your childcare costs, you CAN continue do so.  You should not cancel your childcare vouchers through care-4 or apply for Tax Free Childcare on the Government website.

If you do cancel your payment into care-4 and join Tax Free Childcare, you will NOT be able to re-join the care-4 scheme and benefit from these additional savings in future.