care-4 is one of the UK's most popular employee childcare benefit programmes, helping employers to support working parents to save money on childcare costs. care-4 is an HMRC approved and tax-efficient salary sacrifice scheme.

We are are sorry to advise that due to government legislation, care-4 is now closed to new participants. However, we can accept employers who are looking to move their existing participants from another provider to care-4. 

Please note that if you already use care-4, you can continue to save through the scheme until you are no longer eligible. 

HMRC Approved
HMRC approved
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tax and NI efficient, delivering savings for parents and employers


care-4 enables companies of all sizes to support working parents by offering tax and NI savings on childcare costs, through the government legislation which has now closed to new entrants.

Existing participants can save up to £933* per year on their childcare costs through the scheme untl their child is 16.  If you offer a childcare voucher scheme and would like to move your participants to care-4, please contact us.



We are sorry but due to government legislation, care-4 is now closed to new entrants. 

If you are already a participant of care-4 you can continue to save up to £933* per year on your childcare costs, pay your carer direct through BACS, and take advantage of additional membership benefits. If your employer offers childcare vouchers through another provider, your employer and its participants can be moved to our care-4 service.   Please send them a link to this site, or complete the Contact us form.  



care-4 is a childcare benefit scheme for working parents. Register with us and care-4 members will be able to nominate you as their carer and use their care-4 funds to make payments directly into your bank account.

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Launched in 2002, care-4 was the first electronic childcare vouchers in the UK, care-4 is now widely regarded as the leading electronic childcare voucher provider for employers that expect the highest standards of service.


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We have been made aware that when applying for or re-confirming details for 30 hours free childcare at, some parents are either misunderstanding or having issues with the application process and, as a result, are cancelling their care-4 participation in error. 

Please be assured that if you are eligible to receive the additional 30 hours free childcare for your child but would still like to participate in care-4 and save funds on your childcare costs, you CAN continue to do so and therefore you should NOT cancel your childcare vouchers through care-4 or apply for Tax Free Childcare on the Government website.
Please see below an extract taken from the 30 Hours Free Childcare / "Eligibility" section of GOV.UK which confirms the position:
"You can get 30 hours free childcare at the same time as claiming Universal Credit, tax credits, childcare vouchers or Tax-Free Childcare."

If you are having issues reconfirming details for 30 hours free childcare online, HMRC have previously advised that users should use the following work around:

1) When asked about childcare vouchers you should initially indicate ‘Yes’ you have stopped using Childcare Vouchers.
2) The next screen will show a summary of your details and at this stage you can then edit and correct your details to indicate that you are continuing to use Childcare vouchers.  

This will then allow the reconfirmation of eligibility for 30 hours free childcare alongside continuing usage of your care-4 benefit.
PLEASE REMEMBER: If you choose to leave care-4 and join Tax Free Childcare, you will NOT be able to re-join the care-4 scheme and benefit from these additional savings at a later date. Therefore, you should think carefully before making a decision on whether or not to cancel your participation in the care-4 scheme.